Is there anything wrong with dogma?

The danger of reading something and literally sticking to it dogmatically.

Here is something I read in the book The Awakened One – A Life of the Buddha where the Buddha replied to Upaka who was asking who his teacher was.

“I have transcended all existence and become omniscient. My insight is unobstructed, and I am liberated from all desire. I have achieved this on my own, without a teacher. Because I alone in the world am completely enlightened, I myself am the worlds teacher…”

As I come upon this paragraph, I remembered some people in some dharma groups quoting and citing that the Buddha did not have a guru, and so they also do not need one. At this point I felt they are hugely egotistical to compare the self to the Universal Sage.

Please don’t get me wrong. It is noble to emulate the Buddha but ignoble to behave like one is already.

There is no substitute for a good and qualified dharma teacher who has learned from teachers before him tracing back the the Universal Sage.

As indeed the Buddha said, “I myself am the world’s teacher.” We are now 2600 years later from Buddha’s statement. Why do some think they don’t need a teacher because the Buddha did not have one?

Did the Buddha not say he is our teacher. So how do we learn from the Buddha if not from a qualified guru? Some will say, from books – but who wrote those books? Who can give us a better insight into the Buddha’s words?


But we must know how to find one and follow steadfastedly.…

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