Calling upon the Divine – How Dorje Shugden helped in the time of need…

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There are many lay spiritual practitioners who are afraid to admit that the main reason for their practice in the first place is something personal and which can be classed as  self cherishing. If one is able to hear the silent prayers to the divine (of any religion), they are usually relating to ‘I want this, I want that, I don’t want this, I don’t want that, etc.’

We are no exception.  One summer, we were travelling and our son needed his passport renewed.  Three weeks before his passport expired, we applied to the embassy and there was a problem as the embassy needed further documentation which we were unable to get in less than four days.

In a panic, we contacted our son’s godfather who knows the embassy head quite well.  He called a few times but was unable to get through and left messages but with no reply.

So this was like two days before we had to travel and looked like our son had to cancel his trip.  In the meantime, we did our King Protector, Dorje Shugden puja and request the Protector to assist in this matter.

Our son’s godfather happened to drop a friend off at the airport the evening after our puja and at the check in desk, someone pat him on his back.  He turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the embassy head.

The next day he took our son to see the embassy head and his passport was renewed without a hitch and he managed to join the family on our annual holiday.

This may be a co-incidence, but us, we have no doubt our Protector had come to our aid.

It turns out our family trip was to be an auspicious one as we had an audience with the King Protector and his Chief Minister Karche Marpo (together with some 700 odd people) in Kechara Forest Retreat in Bentong, Pahang.


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