Tendencies (Notes) – His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Compassion – breaking your own schedule/habituation to help others

When the mind transforms, dharma spreads

Do good meditation can control the chi, definitely.

We have to go beyond money, children, this life, thinking what will really benefit me at the time of my death.

If we meditate on death, spiritual practice becomes genuine.

People generally are not stable and give up easily.

Many possible reasons: Physiological, hormonal, psychological

Many life times- Mind and body are separate. Some need and some don’t need bodies.

Mind only can cognise – cognition through 5 senses (body) and clarity, free from encumbrance (body)

For the mind to exist has 2 causes: 1) substantial 2) contributing

1) substantial cause – is based on continuity – if you exist now you must exit before and you will exist in the future – when you die you had a mind and on rebirth you will also have a mind

2) contributory cause – is based on sense and mental awareness; the eye consciousness helps your mind to cognise. Mind doesn’t need the eye to cognise but is the mind is in this body, it needs the eye to help it to cognise. People with psychic powers do not need the eyes eg ghosts which can travel from one place to another without use of eye and so likewise the mind

Contaminated aggregates – everybody has (eg blindness, deafness, speech, feeling) creates causes for projections to arise.  Nothing to do with the object being perceived as the object does not change and will not change.

Contaminated aggregates arises from wrong view or ignorance.  Aggregates come from habituations, from karma. Karma feeds habituation and habituation feeds karma – a vicious circle.

Contaminated views (of taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight) will exacerbate contamination of aggregates – kind of like a snowball effect, just like karma – will not go away, and is dormant and as the potential to surface leaving consequences (big or small).

Life is fluid and is not stagnant and changes all the time due to our aggregates.  We should not be complacent in whatever situation we are in and be ignorant. Why.  Positive karma being used up needs to be replenished to avoid negative karma surfacing.

Karma is created by action, speech.  Speech and body actions create body and speech karma which are dependent on thought,  mind karma.  Mind controls everything. If the mind is tamed and controlled, the speech and body are fine.

So taking vows is to restrict our body and speech, to contain the actions so the mind can be at peace. People have wrong views thinking that taking vows restricts their behaviour.  This cannot be further than the truth because the  natural state of the mind is clarity, wisdom, compassion and love.  How to check that. Good or kind deeds can ‘melt’ other peoples’ hearts and make us feel good, too.

But if we do a negative action, we may have support but usually not in the open and we have to hide it, or be scared of it, and we don’t reveal it. And we don’t feel comfortable for fear of being found out. (Eg – stealing and giving).  Our wisdom mind helps us check what is right and  wrong – what is considered natural state of mind.

So taking vows gain freedom, restricting actions from unnatural actions of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, harsh speech, divisive speech, gossiping, ill will, covetousness, intoxication.

What is natural is happiness. Without vows, few will be consciously doing positive actions – very unnatural. So much negative karma – therefore there is no freedom. There will be fear.

Cutting self cherishing minds good natural actions…

When you die and cannot control wind, you are finished.

Balance your life…with or without knowledge, karma is the same.

Body, speech and mind actions – karma comes from contaminated thinking, views and aggregates, are being stored for many years and lifetimes, and is dormant.

If these actions can be created from a  thought, they can be also be destroyed and eliminated by a thought, completely. How?

We learn from mistakes and as we advance the mistakes become less.  Learning, reading, attending dharma classes, purification practice and collection of merit practices will definitely eradicate negative karma, obstacles.

Never give up when negativity arise – the thought if I cannot do it will create our failure, the ‘thought’ trigger to open our negative karma. If it opens up so big, we may not rise above it and succumb to it.  Therefore do not let doubt arise (as doubt is the thief of our attainments). Once the negative door is open, it become very bing and we are dragged downwards. All the good that was done may not be sufficient to pull us back.

If we have any dharma inclination, we should follow it through.  We must keep on piling positive merit to support our spiritual life.  Practitioners when they die is a passage from good to another good. Lay people, when they die enters into another form of suffering.

We have to push ourselves to do it. To become one with the Buddha. Be determined and become a better person. keeping commitments and promise, change (positively).

Never say “I CAN’T change”, never say “It’s TOO LATE to change”,  never say, “its too hard to change” because when you say it you are thinking it, when you are thinking it you open up that karma that “you CANNOT change”. Never, never, never.

Two types of people who say they cannot – 1) those who want to avoid it so they can spend their time on something that they like, they don’t care about other people… 2) those who actually believe they cannot…both types of people have karma…

Hence dig deep into our karma  repository in a positive way and take vows in front of the Buddha or guan yin etc…so the vows encourage us. Mundane business is a distraction as it takes away our life and we are left with nothing.

Non virtuous actions have 3 types of effects:

1) ripened effect

2) effects resembling the cause

3) environmental effect

Contaminated mind – thinking that oneself is more important than others, actions based on myself instead of others…

Ripened effect: whatever actions we create, it ripens and we feel the effects, depend on the severity, can be hell, hungry ghost or animal

Effects similar to the cause:  even after we experience (1), inclination will still remain in the next life. (having tendencies). Must hold vows to cut tendencies

Environmental effects: reborn in a dangerous hostile environment (killing), barren places (stealing, tricky); places where one is cheated (lying); very difficult to be healthy, free from diseases, difficult to heal, sickness at young age (sexual misconduct); rugged, difficult to travel places, carrying difficult loads (divisive speech)

>>>3 types of effects created from non-virtuous actions: (from the mind scriptures called Loric)

1) Ripen effect: whatever actions we create, it ripens and they give us the effect/result of it e.g. if we create harm like cause schism and cause great harm like wars, the most severe is we take rebirth in hell, 2nd severe is we take rebirth as a spirit or hungry ghost, then the next is as an animal.

2) Effect similar to the cause: Even after we’ve experienced the no.1 ripen effect, traces of that inclination will remain. E.g. if we have kill and take rebirth in hell to purify the karma of killing but the intent to kill is not purified and the mind is still there so when we take rebirth again, we will be incline to kill again and take rebirth in negative states again. It means you still have to suffer the tendencies of the effects similar to the cause. So the very reason you went to hell is because of killing but when you come out of hell you still want to kill/harm, e.g tigers they collect tremendous negative karma for killing many sentient beings and creating fear and when they reincarnate again, they will still have the tendencies to kill. So once we go down, we go down very low. So that’s why some kids we see, they enjoy killing animals. Some cannot take it. That is the tendencies resembling the original cause. The tendencies make you do it again even in a new environment and even if you you’re on a clean slate. So it is the residual effect left from the cause that is not completely purify which creates the “tendencies” to do the negative action again and again.

3) Environmental effect – Eg. Killing take rebirth in an environment hostile and not peaceful, always having war/natural disaster. Stealing you’ll be born in baron places, places where fruits, vegetation, crops, very difficult to get.

Lying – you’ll always be born in places where you’ll be cheated and you’ll be fooled and you’ll never move up financially or if you’re very stingy or you cannot let go of wealth, holding on and very concern of wealth and very miserly, all this comes from tricking people is a prison. The poverty is not physical but very mental; they are controlled by their money.

Sexual misconduct – will be born in places where there are deceases, e.g. in places where deceases are easily transmitted or having hereditary deceases even at a very young age.
Divisive speech – e.g. always using speech to manipulate others even though you’re very diplomatic, or to look good, you’ll be born in places where it is roughed, difficult to travel, difficult to communicate and always be burden by carrying heavy loads.

So all non-virtuous actions created from contaminated mind (thinking of oneself more important and all our action is based on self as oppose to others, that is contaminated mind). ~ Tendencies http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/…/buddhas-dharma/tendencies.html

The last thing we think at the time of death will open up our karma of that to ripen

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