The Mandala of Dorje Shugden – Part 2

Divine residence of the deity

Sadhana and prayers with visualisation – receives full benefits of our practice, hence necessary to know a deity’s mandala to help us in our visualisation in our prayers.

The manala is an emanation of his enlightened mind, embodiment of his enlightened qualities.

Just looking at his mandala plants seeds of blessings in our mindstreams – accumulating merits and purifying negative karma etc.

Three storey of celestial mansion.

1st level – DS is principal form along with others (collectively the 5 families of DS): color, implementation and mount

Dorje Shugden – remove inner and outer obstacles, connecting with a suitable spiritual path; riding on a snow lion symbolising fearlessness, appearing as a monk in robes, wearing a golden domed hat, right hand holding a wisdom sword, cutting away our delusions, bestowing wisdom and on his left hand holds the heart of the enemies signifying ignorance and the cradle of taming hook on his left arm

Shize (Vairochana Shugden) – health, healing. Pacifying emanation of DS; white color and rides on a white elephant, holding divination arrow in his right hand with a mirror attached to it and on his left holding a noose

Gyenze (Ratna Shugden) – wealth – yellow in color and an increasing emanation of DS, increases our wealth, resources and even life span, merit and virtuous realisation riding a golden Palamino horse, right hand a golden long life vase which contains a branch from the wish granting tree which he can extend our lifes and on his left hand he holds a bowl filled with jewels

Wangze (Pema Shugden) – controlling form of DS – pacifying our untamed mind to gain peace. Also helps to tame very difficult people and situations allowing us to influence negative minds to be more positive, Riding on a turquoise dragon, appearing in blood red color. On his right hand he holds a taming vajra hook tied with red silk and on his left hand he holds a jewelled noose, taming our wild minds

Trakze (Karma Shugden) – wrathful emanation of DS, his practice is to overcome powerful delusions, negative or harmful energies, dark red in color, wrathful appearance and rides on a powerful garuda. Right hand holds a big sword, and left a bleeding heart

Entourage manifested by DS:

Eight guiding monks – fully ordained monked in saffroned colored robes with different monastic hats, such as the yellow hat, pandits hat, meditation hat and various items of monastic practice such as begging bowl and monk staff – hold commitments, vows and word of honour, especially with regards to vinaya

9 mothers – beautiful maidens dressed in finest silk, 8 jewellery pieces and carry the 5 desirable objects. Great power to control the 4 elements. These attributes show their abilities to assist tantric practitioners with their higher meditation

10 youthful and wrathful deities  appear as regular beings, with various facial expressions, some cheerful and others wrathful, wearing various costumes from different origins such as chinese, mongolian and tibetan. Function is to remove inner an outer obstacles, particularly the ones leading us to break our samaya with our guru

Total 32 deities

According to HH Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche this 32 deities are actually the 32 deities of Guhyasamaja body mandala and although appear in worldly form, the emanations and entourage are purely manifestations of DS’s enlightened mind

Level above DS,  in the mansion Dharmapala Setrap, having a close connection with DS, he is the protector of TDG and he enthroned DS

Top most level is Buddha Amitabha, who is the original nature of Dharmapala Setrap

2 ministers – not part of his mandala but often depicted within his thangka drawings

Karche Marpo-DS main attendant, appearing in worldly form, is an emanation of Hyagriva, the wrathful form of Chenrizig. He is a recognised dharma protector in his own right and has own set of prayers and rituals but vowed to be DS minister, ever ready to destroy our obstacles and causes of sufferings

Namkar Barzin – newest addition to DS entourage, an unenlightened dharma protector of Dungkar monastery and oath bound minister to DS.  In the 1920’s he was a mongolian geshe returing from Indian pilgrimage. On way back to Lhasa, stopped by Dungkar monastery. Duing stay there, developed high fever, continued his journey home. Sickness become worse and he engaged in death meditation near Phari.  A few bonpos came acoss his body and our of kindness condus funeral rites for geshe, which cause adverse effect of geshe’s subtle meditation causing him to become a fearsome spirit. Locals make fun of his dead corpse and strange things happen to them, and local herders and livestocks contract diseases and died incl the bonpo.  HE Domo Geshe Rinpoche heard of this and quickly tamed the geshe’s raging spirit and place him under thecare of DS and was installed as the protector of Dromo and Dungkar monasteries and thus know and Namkar Barzin

both guarding door to his mandala


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