A short prayer to Dorje Shugden

A short prayer to Dorje Shugden

Mar 6, 2015 | Views: 3,500
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A Daily Request for Sampatti1, Śānti2 and Surakṣā3

Composed by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche

In the heavens4 there are myriad manifestations of the divine. All those manifestations specifically show us different aspects of divinity5 in order to be of benefit to all living beings. All the rupakaya6 forms of the divine have compassion, skillful means and wisdom. We invoke upon them whether we are happy, sad, down, lost, fulfilled, confused, empty, and during the whole range of emotions we constantly experience due to an untrained mind.

Understanding our nature, Great Wisdom Being Dorje Shugden, therefore all the more so, please hold us close to your bosom as an only child to a parent.

Though the manifestations of the divine need no offerings and gifts from us, we offer you supreme Manjushri7 Dorje Shugden a libation of tea, incense and mantras, in order to ask you to bless us, to be a part of our lives, to abide in our dwellings and to give us signs, omens and portents of both good and bad. When the negative arises, quell them immediately. Please increase the positive for my weary and worn mind as I lay my hopes in you.

When difficulties, problems and confusion arise, we ask you, who is but the culmination of all that is powerful, holy and omniscient to bless myself, family, loved ones, environment and even my pets. May I see wisdom, find hope, and be at peace.

I request you, O Divine Bhagavān8 Dorje Shugden, who wears a round dome hat and the three robes of a saffroned bhikshu9, who wields a sword of liberty, justice and wisdom and clutches a wish-fulfilling jewel, who rides on a supreme lion of subjugation of all that is negative, to fulfill my wishes. I understand my wishes may not be the best, so I surrender to your wisdom for the outcome though it may not be what I have in mind. Please bless myself and everyone that we may enter into the supreme city of liberation.


Great Bhagavān Dorje Shugden, I request you sincerely from my heart to be a part of my life, bless my home, and grant me wisdom, solace and comfort, that I might be of service to others without agenda, and that I may focus out onto others and not be fixated on myself, creating more problems for all that I hold dear.

Bless me to become kinder, wiser, more compassionate, tolerant and very forgiving to all those who hurt and love me. In order to become close to you, Dorje Shugden, we must surrender the banal. We must abandon fixed views, projections and rigidity. Lastly, in my final moment when I leave this plane of existence, only the positive actions I have done will matter as everything and everyone will be left behind. Let me realise this and act upon this now! At this crucial moment, please may I have a vision of yourself, the powerful and merciful Dorje Shugden, to take me to where I may course in the sky10 to continue my journey of spiritual waxing.

I offer you saffron-coloured tea and my faith to fulfill my prayers and gain siddhis11. By reciting your mantra, may healing, peace, love, long life, protection and perfect view of sunyata12 arise.


Mantra of fulfillment, peace and wisdom: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA

(It is good to recite this mantra one rosary or more per day. Occasionally, engage in retreats where you recite the mantra 100,000 times or more per year, every year. Consistency brings results!)

I dedicate this supreme heartfelt prayer to the all-knowing Celestial and Supreme Protector Dorje Shugden, that I may quickly become a being of light, compassion, love and enlightenment.



This daily prayer to Dorje Shugden was composed by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche on Thursday, 26 February 2015 at 2:03am for Datin MJ. There are many rituals, texts, prayers and rites on Dorje Shugden. But

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