Dorje Shugden and The Tradition of Oracles – notes

2 types:

1 chosen by a Lama – long observation

2 chosen by deity

can give teachings

spontaneous trance of deities

HH Trijiang/HH Zong/Domo Geshe

kept clean avoid other entities can enter

No sex or alcohol to ensure clear mind and body ready for training to become full oracle

Clearing of bodies via yamantaka or hyagriva retreats or both

Lower deities of mandala will enter cause discomfort to body

gradually higher deities enter to make body stronger

before DS enter KM will enter to ensure body is fit for purpose

Bodies sore and numb after trance at training

Full oracle – no traces

During training 72000 wind channels feel pain like fire

Guru devotion – essential support for training and trance

Special throne – with foot rest, for proctector. Regalia made from finest silk, head gear gold silver, copper and precious stones

Gyaling and cymbals welcome oracle

Black t and serkym to protector


oracle rainments – tibetan chuba (lay oracle) or monk robes (monk oracle) first piece of garment is the long golden robe o DS made of fine silk, 2 long sleeves to represent his armour, on top of long yellow robe is the toolay, top garments worn by deities in tibetan buddhism made with brocade and sewn together to form a triangular shape both front and back, then the breast plate, a melong/tibetan mirror, to see into the future to give future predictions, knocking on the plate signify compliance, very pleased with person he is talking to

Following with 7 pieces of cloth (long rainment) offered by the 7th Dalai Lama consisting of the 5 colors of dharani buddhas + silver and gold worn around the neck – offering by 7th DL signifying protector of gelugpa school.

Then he dons the 3 genzen or victory banners behind his back, tied at level of his waist.

He then sits on the throne and verses of invocation are recited.  The last part of the garment he wears is the hat but only after oracle takes full trance

Chant master begins with guru yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa, then self generation of Yamantaka and visualisation o DS mandala, together with the cymbals and gyalings and other ritual music, DS is invoked from his palace. Spontaneous trance takes place by DS at different levels. At full trance head gear is put on and tied very tightly, DS will brandish his sword and do a warriors dance to clear obstacles for those present and for growth of buddha dharma is general. after that he sis on the throne and monk offering in tall lama cup tea to DS, the tsok offerings which is received with vajra and bell, that of a tantric master. Ather this a line of hign lamas, abbot and other incarnations will fall in line to make offering of the mandala, body, speech and mind of the buddha to DS. Long red string of protection and blessings offered back by DS. then normal monks and lay people line up to offer.  after the DS will exit and his chief master KM will enter. KM will proceed to make offering to high lamas after his ritual dances, on behalf of the great king DS.

usually DS will read questions and his minister will answer.  KM can do healing when high lamas manifest sickness, can exorcise, blessings (Panglung Kuten tradition)

Duldzin Dagpa Gyaltsen trance is peaceful, don like monk with high lama coat and Lama Tsongkapa pandit hat, teaching throne, have a red silk napkin wiping to say something, clearing obstacles of his sight to see into future to help sentient beings.  Oracles in present day : Ari Kuten, in America successor to Choyang Duldzin Kuten (from Gaden), takes trance of both wrathful and peaceful form of DS, then we have Panglung Kuten, 6th in line of Panglung Hermitage (lineage) in Lhasa, near Sera Monastery, we also have Simla Kuten, student of Kyabje Ling Dorje Chang, who serves Ling Rinpoche daily.  Also have Dromo Kuten from Dungkar Monastery, personal oracle monk of Dromo Geshe Rinpoche

Why Lama asks questions of oracles when they themselves are fully enlightened? For students benefits who not have pure faith in their lama and lama showing humility of tantric powers and clairvoyance.

DS used to recognise incarnation. Power of clairvoyance of DS.

Choyang and Panglung seeked to find incarnation of Trijiang Rinpoche



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