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This is my Guru His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche.  I like this pose and the message contained therein is very pertinent – “…just do what we know is right and pursue something virtuous for others…”

It has been very difficult for me, juggling with work, finances, family, and doing as much as I can to support my Guru’s work, which to be honest, is very minimal at the moment.

Ashamed – sometimes but I never give up the opportunity to share what I learned from my Guru and without Him, I would not be where I am today.  Rinpoche instilled a certain discipline in me and gave the confidence I required to conduct myself both in the spiritual and secular world.

People find the change in me.  Some think I am a little brash as times but at time, it is required to get the point forward. Time is running out for most people and it is pointless to ‘pussyfoot’ around, being ‘diplomatic’ when people don’t deserve the gentle treatment.

My point, I will always treasure my Guru and devoted to Him.  Rinpoche is a caring person and cares for everyone He comes across.  He thought me to love and care for others – though I am still clumsily fumbling my way through.  No, it is not my Guru’s fault I am slow.  I just am.  But with perseverence, I will one day achieve want I want to achieve.  To help spread the word of Lord Buddha through my Guru’s lineage. I am connected with my Guru, I am fortunate, I will not let that connection be broken, no matter what happens.


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