Transcendent Patience

Inculdes the 3 aspects: Patience when wronged, patience to bear hardships for Dharma and patience to face the profound truth without fear.

Good works gathered in a thousand ages

Such as deeds of generosity

Or offerings to those gone to bliss

A single flash of anger shatters them


Even through flaming infernoes or seas of razoe sharp blades

Search for the Dharma until you die

Based your mind on the Dharma

Base your Dharma on a humble life

Base your humble life on the thought of death

Base your death on an empty barren hollow

To claim that you can practice Dharma and Worldly life at the same time is like saying you can sew with a double pointed needle, put fire and water in the same container or ride two horses in opposite directions.  All these things are simply impossible.

To have wring views about these teachings or to criticize them is what is called “the harmful act of rejecting the Dharma”. It can cast one into the depths of hell for innumerable kalpas. As one confession text says:

I confess all the times I have committed an act even more pernicious

Than the 5 acts with immediate retribution: that of rejecting the Dharma.

Atisha said to two monks: Unless you train yourselves in the love and compassion of bodhicitta and then develop confidence in the profound teachings, your pure vows alone will lead you to nowhere.


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