Vajrasattva Prctice – Faces of Enlightenment: Tsem Tulku Rinpoche







Our negative harmful action multiply daily because they join with all those we have already accumulated since beginningless time.  In this way, out bad habits which will create more damage in our lives and others’ continually become stronger and stronger.

Greed, hatred and confusion arise from our self-centredness and the resulting thoughts, feelings and actions are like a deadly virus, infecting everything until it feels completely natural to give up good things and follow our lower instincts.

The suffering, chaos and inequality we experience is the result of karma that is generated in this way. Yet it is said that there is no action which cannot be purified if the “four opponent powers” are present and exercised:

1 Regret over our actions

2 Having refuge in the Three Jewels to purify our negativities

3 Applying the antidotes such as purification practice

4 Promise not to repeat the action

By relying on Vajrasattva practice, gross and subtle negative imprints can be purified from our mind stream and we can break the chain of negativity that hold us down.  Then we can start anew – crystal clear ~ HE Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


Sanskrit with extensive English translation:

oṃ benzasatto
The most excellent exclamation of praise, the qualities of Buddha’s holy body, speech, and mind; all that is precious and auspicious. Vajrasattva, you whose wisdom is inseparable bliss-emptiness,

samaya manu pālaya
And whose pledge must not be transgressed, lead me along the path you took to enlightenment,

benzasatto teno patiṭa
Make me abide close to your holy vajra mind,

dṛiḍho me bhava
Please grant me a firm and stable realization of the ultimate nature of phenomena,

suto kayo me bhawa
Please grant me the blessing of being extremely pleased and satisfied with me,

supo kayo me bhawa
Bless me with the nature of well-developed great bliss,

anu rakto me bhawa
Bless me with the nature of love that leads me to your state,

sarva siddhi  me par yatsa
Please grant me all-powerful attainments,

sarwa karma sut tsa me tishtam shriyam kuru
Please grant me all virtuous actions and your glorious qualities,

Seed syllable of the vajra holy mind, the heart essence and seed syllable of Vajrasattva,

ha ha ha ha hoḥ
Seed syllables of the four immeasurables, the four empowerments, the four joys, the four kayas, and the five wisdoms,

bhagawan sarwa tathāgata benza
You, who are the vajra of all who have destroyed every obscuration, of all who have attained all realizations, of all who have passed beyond suffering, and of all who have realized emptiness and know things just as they are,

mā me muñ tsa
Do not abandon me,

benza bhawa
Grant me the nature of indestructible union, the realization of your vajra nature,

mahā samaya satto
You, the great pledge being with the holy vajra mind,

Make me one with you.
Syllable of uniting in non-duality.

Syllable of the wisdom of great bliss.

Syllable that clarifies the wisdom of inseparable bliss-emptiness and destroys the dualistic mind that obstructs realization.

Whatever manifestations of realms, palaces and forms there are, peaceful and wrathful deities, they do not exist on a gross level. They are forms of shunyata endowed with all the supreme qualities. Therefore, they are known as possessing the aspect of being without self-nature. The minds of those buddhas are completely filled with the wisdom of unchanging non-dual bliss emptiness. Therefore, they are known as possessing the aspect of union. Their body, speech, and mind are eternally filled with the taste of great bliss, free from increase and decrease. Therefore, they are known as possessing the aspect of great bliss.

-Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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