Attitude ~ Buddhist Perspective

“Why should we change our attitude? When we are cushioned and when things are taken care of for us, life will of course be very easy. However, are we sure that life will always be like that? We might be cushioned physically – eg., our parents have given us a house or our partner has bought us a car – but are we cushioned mentally? Do we remain mentally stable and cushioned throughout our relationships with people, in our finances, jobs and friendships?

If we are not cushioned mentally and we are not prepared, our whole world will fall apart the minute something external changes. For example, the minute someone leaves us or we lose some money, our whole reality will fall apart. The minute someone shows us a sour face and says something unpleasant to us, our reality will fall apart….

Dharma is the complete turnaround of our attitude and the way we perceive the things around us. Everything else is to facilitate it….

Buddhist practice is perspective.” – Tsem Rinpoche

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