Meditating on Impermanence

Some of the benefits of reliasing that All conditioned things are Impermanence: (1) By meditating on impermanence, our minds will become calm and lucid as it decreases our clinging attachment and the confusion that attachment causes in our lives; (2) When we contemplate on the transient nature of things, we accept that our life will end one day and that none of the material things will accompany us to our graves. Hence, we eliminate the many useless worries that prevent us from being happy and relaxed; (3) It is through the realisation of impermanence that Siddartha found a way around the suffering of mortality. He accepted that change is inevitable and death is part of this cycle. He also realised that no almighty power could reverse the path of death. Hence, when one knows that everything is impermanent, one does not grasp. If one does not grasp, one will not think in terms of having or lacking and therefore one lives fully.