Tsem Rinpoche in answer to Martin Bosnev’s Question on Contentment

  • Tsem Tulku RinpocheDear Martin T. Bosnev, if contentment arises from a correct source, understanding the nature of samsara is fine. Because we will work with what we have. But being content and it leads to doing ‘nothing’ will hinder our progress.. If contentment arises from a sense of complacency disguised as contentment, then it hinders our spiritual progress. The truth be told, no one in samsara can be content with suffering even if their temporary situation in this life is ok, but what about the next life and the one after that and the lives of those suffering around us. Avalokitesvara is content with Himself, but not those around him so he works tirelessly for others as an example. Hope this helps. So to be content must be examined where it arises from. Tsem Rinpoche
  • Martin T. BosnevDear Rinpoche, sometimes when I chant mantras I feel bouts of contentment and feeling of abundance and I don’t know what to think. This is the source of my question. Thank you very much!
  • Tsem Tulku RinpocheMartin T. Bosnev, bouts of contentment is good for you and I rejoice, but not good enough for all sentient beings who still need us to become fully awakened to benefit them further. I hope this helps. Tsem Rinpoche

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