The Guru is Supreme





One who is on a spiritual path and has a Guru must treat the Guru as the Buddha himself for it is through learning what the Guru has to say that one will find peace.

One has to watch out for the deed of the Mara, “who may suggest one’s Guru enjoys the pleasures of the senses, when in fact, the Guru does so only as skillful means and has really risen above them”.

That the faults a disciple sees in a guru are projections of the disciples impure mind and not faults in the Guru is a recurring theme in The Fulfillment of All Hopes…

…without a doubt, when one considers one’s guru in the light of whatever good qualities he might have, it results in ones accomplishment increasing; and because too, when one considers the guru in the light of whatever trivial flaw the guru may have, it hinders accomplishment.

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