The greatest generosity one can give is to teach or elucidate the Dharma. Why? Because the Dharma teaches us methods so supreme on how we can achieve true happiness, how to get out of suffering and the cycles of death and rebirth. 

That is why when a Guru or a Buddha comes to teach, Gods, Demi Gods, Devas and Dakinis, Humans and non Humans, Nagas and animals all rejoice on this great act and offer festive welcome of the highest form.

The ground, which the Buddha or teacher walks on will be washed and cleaned and in our modern day, the 8 auspicious sign will be drawn on to the ground. Carpets are rolled out, jewels thrown on the ground and flowers are sprinkled from the sky by the Heavenly Gods as the Buddha walks to his teaching abode. Long horns, symbols, clarinets, drums are resound – music from all sorts of instruments will be played. 

The king of the country holds the precious parasol above the Buddha shading him from the sun and heat, the victory banner is carried high in front and an entourage of welcoming community walks along in front and behind him. Even the Gods like Shiva, Indra, Brahma will welcome the Buddha, they walk on the side, slightly in front of him as you can see in the picture.  Even the Nagas will offer it’s back for the Buddha to walk on.

It is truly a huge celebration, a celebration for the KING OF THE UNIVERSE, A CELEBRATION FOR THE DHARMA.

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