Practicing Guru Devotion with the Nine Attitudes

I am requesting the kind lord root guru, who is more extraordinary than all the buddhas;

Please bless me to be able to devote myself to the qualified lord guru with great respect in all my future lifetimes.

By realizing that correctly devoting myself to the kind lord guru – who is the foundation of all good qualities – is the root of happiness and goodness, I shall devote myself to him with great respect, not forsaking him even at the cost of my life.

Thinking of the importance of the qualified guru, allow yourself to enter under his control.

Be like an obedient son, acting exactly in accordance wit the guru’s advice.

Even when maras, evil friends and the like try to split you from the guru, be like a vajra, inseparable forever.

When the guru gives you work, whatever the burden, be like the earth, carrying all.

When you devote yourself to the guru, whatever suffering occurs (hardships or problems), be like a mountain, immovable. (The mind should not be upset or discouraged.)

Even if you have to perform all the difficult tasks, be like a servant of the king, with a mind undisturbed.

Abandon pride. Hold yourself lower than the guru, be like a sweeper.

Be like a rope, joyfully holding the guru’s work, no matter how difficult or heavy a burden.

Even when the guru criticizes, provokes or ignores you, be like a dog without anger; never respond with anger.

Be like a boat, never upset at any time to come and go for the guru.

O glorious and precious root guru, please bless me to be able to practice in this way.

From now on, in all my future life times, may I be able to devote myself to the guru in this way.

By reciting these words aloud and reflecting on their meaning in your mind, you will have the good fortune to be able to devote yourself correctly to the precious guru, from life to life in all your future lifetimes.

If you offer service and make offerings to the precious guru with these nine attitudes, even if you do not practice intentionally, you will develop many good qualifies, collect extensive merit and quickly achieve full enlightenment.


Written by the highly attained lama, Shabkar Tsokdrug Rangdrol. Translated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Aptos, California in February 1999. Edited by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive Editing Group at Land of Medicine Buddha, March, 1999.

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