5 Mahayana Paths

  1. Accumulation,
  2. Preparation,
  3. Seeing,
  4. Meditation and
  5. No More Learning

1. The path of accumulation. – meditate on emptiness; cultivate the method of seeing things as they are, as lacking a self or inherent existence; – see the true disadvantages of being in samsara and develop a mind of renunciation

2. The path of preparation. – the meditation on something like emptiness becomes more intuitive – the advanced state known as the union of calm abiding and special insight.

3.  The path of seeing – we perceive emptiness directly. – we eliminate all wrong views including their seeds. – we are called arya beings. This is where the word “noble” of the four noble truths comes from.  When one attains the Path of Seeing, one attains the 1st ground Bodhhisattvahood.

4. The path of meditation – stage where we have constant direct realization of emptiness. – level where we remove subtle innate obscurations that keep us from enlightenment.

5. The path of no more learning – when the most subtle obscurations finally cease – we achieve complete enlightenment. – there is nothing more to learn. – a direct realization of bodhichitta is achieved. – our mind sees no difference between self and others. – we have developed a mind that constantly, spontaneously and fully devotes itself to others.

We must know that there is no contradiction on the 3 higher trainings, 3 principal aspects, 2 accumulations, 2 obscurations, 6 perfections etc. It is only how all this fits in.

For know, for most of us, it is the practice of Relative Boddhicitta, Learning and applying the Dharma and accumulating merits and wisdom and purifications that is important. That is why in our tradition we have the preliminary practices like, prostrations, mandala offerings, Guru Yoga, Water and Light offerings, Vajrasattva..

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