Attitude of Bodhicitta

MotivationWhenever you do something positive, whether major or minor, it is indispensible to enhance with 3 supreme methods.

Before beginning, arouse bodhicitta as skilful means to ensure that the actions become a source of good for the future.

Whilst carrying out action, avoid getting involved in any conceptualisation (avoid materialistic or ambitious attitude to practice – in fact only true practitioners can practice with true freedom from concepts but as one’s practice matures, freedom from grasping comes progressively) so that merit cannot be destroyed by circumstances (and there are 4 which destroys one’s source of merit:- not dedicating, anger, regretting the beneficial actions done, boasting of one’s positive actions)

At the end, seal action by properly dedicating the merit which ensures it continually grows ever greater (such as a drop of water becomes part of the ocean-it will continue to exist as long as the ocean exists, hence, when the merits of one’s actions is completely dedicated to the “fruit, the Oceon of Omniscience” it will not be lost until one has attained complete Buddhahood.

More importantly than the way to listen to Dharma, is the motivation with which to listen (what makes an action good or bad and not how it looks, nor whether it is big or small, but the good or evil motivation behind it).

Do not be motivated by ordinary concerns, desires for greatness, fame or whatever.  Turn inwards and change your motivation.  If you correct your attitude, skilful means will permeate your positive actions and you will have set out on the path of great beings.


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