Wholesome and Unwholesome Acts

Whether actions are wholesome or unwholesome depend on the motives (roots) behind them which are:

  1. greed (or attachment)
  2. aversion (or hatred/anger)
  3. delusion (or ignorance)

In terms of wholesome ‘roots’, we can add:

  1. non-greed implies renunciation, detachment and generosity
  2. non-aversion implies loving kindness, sympathy and gentleness
  3. non-delusion implies wisdom

Ripening of karma:

  1. need not be instant
  2. need not be in this life
  3. can be across succession of life times
  4. can be dormant for eons, like a volcanic action, waiting for the right conditions to trigger

Wholesome actions will bear favourable results and unwholesome actions will bear unfavourable results


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