Right View

There are 2 types of right view:

  1. mundane – which operates within the confines of the world
  2. supramundane – which leads to liberation from the world

Within mundane, we can include the correct grasp of law of karma or law of action (literally means-right view of ownership of action).

Karma – is action – volitional action, having willed, we perform actions through the 3 channels – body, speech and mind and is essentially a mental event (since it is identified with volition)

Actions can be unwholesome and wholesome

Unwholesome actions are:

  • morally blame worthy
  • detrimental to spiritual development

Wholesome actions on the other hand:

  • produce benefits for oneself and others
  • helpful to spiritual growth

Mundane right view provides a basis to do good or bad actions to collect merits/ or not for better/lower rebirth, enjoyment etc…

Supramundane right view entails wanting to liberate from suffering, from rebirth, aging, sickness and death and requires the understanding of the 4 Noble Truth

One has to have the right view to understand:

  1. suffering
  2. origins of suffering
  3. cessation of suffering
  4. the way leading to cessation of suffering

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