First Truth of Suffering

Inherent unsatisfactoriness of existence, revealed in impermanence, pain and perpetual incompleteness; intrinsic to all forms:

  • birth, aging, sickness, death
  • sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair
  • association with unpleasant
  • separation from pleasant
  • not to get what one wants

Briefly, there are 5 aggregates of clinging, to:

  1. material form
  2. feelings
  3. perceptions
  4. mental formations
  5. consciousness

which gives rise to thoughts, emotions, ideas, dispositions dwelled upon in ‘our world’ and these 5 aggregates equate to suffering because of impermanence!

  • changing from moment to moment
  • arising and falling away
  • without anything substantial behind them, persisting through the change

So to try to cling to something impermanent brings about suffering…

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