What is Practice

I always get this question from non-buddhist or prospective buddhist practitioner.  They will ask me “what do you mean by practice, uh?”

In simple terms, it is dealing with the transformation of one’s mind from negative disposition to a more positive disposition which ultimately leads one to liberation.

How we transformation depends on how much we want to change, to rid ourselves of mental (or afflictive) emotions.

Lord Buddha found the solution and He showed His students and disciples how to do it.  He taught the 4 Noble Truth.

1  The Truth of Suffering – everyone has sufferings

2 The Truth of Causes and Effects – we need to find the root causes of suffering

3  The Truth of Cessation of suffering – that we can stop suffering once we identified the root causes

4 The Truth of the Path – Lord’ Buddha’s way to stop suffering

This is the beginning of Buddhist Practice

A lay disciple asked Geshe Potawa which Dharma practice was the most important if one had to choose only one.  The Gesht replied:

If you want to use a single Dharma practice, to meditate on impermanence is the most important

and Padampa Sangye says:

At first, to be fully convinced of impermanence amkes you take up the Dharma; in the middle it whips up your intelligence; and in the end it brings you to the radiant dharmakaya.

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